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Safari photos Afrique du Sud


Our team of passionate and experienced experts will work closely with you to understand your specific preferences, interests and needs. Whether you want to see big animals, discover biodiversity, explore national parks or enjoy a taste experience, we are here to make your dreams come true.

Here are some key aspects of our tailor-made safaris:

Arbe baobab dans la savane

Personalized itinerary

We will design an itinerary according to your preferences, taking into account the length of your trip, the places you wish to visit and the activities you wish to do.

Quality hosting

We carefully select quality accommodation that offers total immersion in nature and an exceptional comfort experience.

Flexibility  adaptability

Every traveller is unique, so we strive to make our safaris flexible and adaptable. We can adjust your itinerary according to your preferences and local conditions.

Rocher dans la savane d'Afrique


The reserves contain hundreds of animals of many different species. Photography enthusiasts can hope to capture moments of life with giraffes, impalas, oryx, warthogs, buffaloes, birds and many more...

In addition to the wildlife, the land and the houses offer splendid landscapes, between mountains, ponds, bush and ocean. You can explore the vast bush in a 4x4 vehicle or on a hike, always accompanied by a professional guide.

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